Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Seppuku Tattoo 2.0

 My brother Johnny Thief and his partner Matt Lukesh have just opened the doors on Seppuku Tattoo 2.0. They relocated to Bloomingdale, NJ (25 min outside NYC) from Savannah, Ga. Although saddened to see them leave the South, I know they are much happier being closer to their old stomping grounds outside the City. It also gives me an excuse to travel back to the Northeast more often.

 Drop by and set up an appointment. Seppuku Tattoo is located at 145 Main Street in Bloomingdale, NJThe studio is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 12 PM to 9 PM weekdays, 12PM to 10PM weekends . The phone # is: 973-291-8187.

 These guys have been racking up awards and magazine coverage like crazy in the past 6 months. They have been featured in International Tattoo, Skin and Ink, Savage and many others.

 Matt has been painting like a madman also. Studying with the likes of Josh Carlton, He has been cranking out some killer work done in oils. His portrait work is simply amazing and the portraits on skin have to be seen to be believed. If you've ever seen a horrible tattoo of a face, check out Matt's portfolio and be amazed with the precision, true likeness and color. He is one of those rare tattooists that can capture a person's soul in their likeness.

 Johnny has also been spending time behind an easel. One of his latest paintings was featured on the cover of Skin and Ink magazine. He has been getting accolades from around the tattoo community for his immaculate skill and color work. His pin ups are some of the best out there.  

These two artists never cease to amaze me. Constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of their expanding talents.

 In the coming weeks I'll be traveling up to get more work done my full sleeves and chest piece. The above pic is the beginning of my left sleeve( about 11 hours in two sittings) done by Johnny. Matt is going to work up a full phoenix from my right wrist wrapping around my arm up to drape across my chest. I'm shooting to complete this new work by the Fall. I'll post pics of the progress.

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