Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wish You Were Here

For Butch Chavis and Derek Lowry.

Sometimes life is so crazy you unintentionally allow dear, old  friends that have passed on to the next plane of existence to linger in the furtherest reaches of your mind until you need them around you, then it all comes flooding back. Sad, but comforting all the same. I recently had an experience that reintroduced  two of my dearest friends back into my consciousness. The memories remained and so do the smiles from those times. The long talks, the knowing glances and those moments when everything seemed right. I got to feel again.

Oh, for one more night sitting in a moonlit tobacco field in Robeson County, staring at the stars, stoned listening to this album with those guys. I can not explain the total serenity of those moments.

This music is always there to remind. It's there to explain what's just out of reach. It's is always the comforting music I reach for when things just need to be.

Here's to you my brothers. I really do wish you were here... and thanks for being there.

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  1. Man this brought me to tears. No Sadness, just a empty part that can never be filled. That spot & that spot alone belongs to those souls. Cheers to you and those souls!!!!!


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