Monday, March 19, 2012

Upcoming Release and BIG Studio News!

Ok, peeps, the time has come for the long awaited release I have been promising. I will be updating the site with the new release on Friday March 23 between 11:00am-1:00pm EST.

In this release I will be adding the following to the store :
Panic en la Playa
Jam Cruise 10 Octopus and Mermaid (and the uncut version)
Mayan Holidaze
Tedeschi Trucks Band 2011 Revelator Tour.

I have limited numbers of each.

On the Horizon

Another big announcement....over the next few months we will be adding all of our back catalog of prints that are still on our shelves to the web store. We will also be pulling many of our sold out prints, printers proofs, artist editions, uncuts etc from our personal DCS studio archives. These will include pieces such as gig posters, art prints and toys from other artists such as Mouse, Kelley, Houston, Pollock, Emek, Jermaine, Hampton, Engine House 13, Arminski, Coop, Forbes, Ewing, Kozik, Uncle Charlie, Biffle, Dubois, Shepherd Fairey and many others. We will also be selling off miscellaneous stuff that has been decorating the studio over the years. There will be some original Wood paintings up for sale also.

You may ask yourself "Self, why would Jeff and Judy be selling all this stuff?" So, here's the BIG news......we plan on moving and buying a farm somewhere...not sure where yet, maybe close, maybe far, but we are definitely moving the studio to a new locale. We are in the process of looking for a special piece of property to set up our gardens and greenhouses and move forward with our farmstead dreams. Presently we live in a small town outside Athens, Ga. After living here for 14 years it has worn us a bit thin being so isolated from other artistic types. We have to drive into Athens for a cultural recharging pretty often. After much meditating on solutions we came to realize that our present location is not where we want to live our lives. We have decided that we need to be closer to more like minded people or risk going a bit stir crazy. We may move closer to Athens, or farther north towards Asheville.... or maybe, even out west. Who knows, but that's the exciting part isn't it?  We are open to suggestions if you know of a cool piece of small farm property that's available. Either way, we are planning our escape and have a whole studio full goodies we would like to pass on to others to help finance our dreams.

Most importantly, I will still continue to create posters and art prints. No worries there. Nothing will change except the scenery from the studio windows.

Thanks again for all your support throughout the years.

We love you all!

--Jeff & Judy

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