Sunday, August 16, 2009

Uncut: The Rock Poster Art of Jeff Wood

I have an upcoming show at the 1819 Gallery and Event Space in the Crossroads Art District of Kansas City, MO running from Sept 4-Nov 5. Thanks to Scott Burnett for the gracious invitation to show off the studio's work.

The show will feature uncut sheets of past studio work. For those unfamiliar with what an uncut sheet is, it's the raw press sheet before the posters are cut and trimmed. What makes them interesting is often times two different posters are run on a sheet creating some interesting juxtapositions like Judas Priest and Rufus Wainwright. Many have handbills run across the bottom also. Uncuts are usually limited to 5-10 sheets, so they are pretty rare items.

I have never really offered any of these sheets for sale or shown them except for the occasional festival or charity fundraiser. I decided I would like to show people some of the more interesting combos we have done over the years and let them see the light of day.

More info in the coming days at

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