Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Celebrating Lemmy

In the summer of 2004 Judy and I decided we needed some studio companions to keep things interesting. We went to the vet to see if we could rescue a couple black kitties from an early demise. We had read a story discussing they were often overlooked by people wanting to adopt. The reason? Because of superstitious nonsense. We found two little guys that fit the bill and brought them home.

They were tiny babies and instantly snuggled their way into our hearts. They ruled the studio and made it their kingdom. We named them in honor of Lemmy Kilmister and Sid Vicious, a throwback to my metal and punk days. Lemmy was the laid back one of the pair. Can you tell by the eyes? We always joked that he looked stoned.

On Friday October 13th, 2006 my world changed. We arrived home from a night out to find Lemmy had been hit by a car. The accident had killed him instantly. Two days later I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. Basically, half my faced was paralyzed for about three months. It was brought on by stress. I attribute the "straw breaking the camel's back" to the emotional trauma of losing Lemmy. It seems it had broken my heart, as well as my body in the process.

Sid was devastated by the loss of his pal. The day after we buried Lemmy Sid was nowhere to be seen. Later that afternoon I found him lying on top of the grave. Buddies to the end. In the following days it was heartwrenching watching Sid look for Lemmy around the studio. A short while later we rescued a new tiny black kitty to keep Sid company. We named him Koji. As Koji grew the similarities in demeanor and appearance with Lemmy was uncanny. To this day every time I look at Koji I fondly remember Lemmy.  I personally think Lemmy had a hand, or should I say paw, in that. I know he would approve of Koji being Sid's new buddy.

So today, October 13th, 2010, I celebrate the life of my studio companion who left this world far too soon. It's been 4 years since Lemmy left us, yet I still feel the pain of losing him. I miss you little buddy. You'll always be a very special part of our lives. See you on the other side.

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  1. My wife rescued a little kittie 4 weeks old a few months ago from a horse farm. Her mom had left her and she was dying, along with her brother. We tried to save them but only the girl, Meep, survived. She is black also, looks a lot like Lemmy. We meant to nurse her to health and find a nice home for her since we already have two adult cats. But Meep is now part of the family. Best to you and the cats! Surely Lemmy would be proud.


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