Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Paintings

I completed two new paintings this past week. Both were small studies and highly influenced by two of my teachers Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffmann whom I studied under last year . I look forward to painting with them again in September.

I have tried many ways of painting, but find this abstract stream of consciousness style of painting my favorite. Just go with the flow. I don't think about the subject matter, I just paint. I let my mind pull out the images. It's very much like meditation to me.

Rapa Nuiscape 4"x5" • Oil on Canvas
For some reason this piece reminded me of the Easter Island monoliths staring off into the distance, thus the name. I loved the texture of the heavy canvas and multiple glazings. I used Old Holland Oils, Gamblin Radiant Oils, W&N titanium, W&N Glazing Medium and W&N Detailing Liquin

Alien Daisies 5"x7" • Open Acrylic on Linen Canvas
This piece was painted using the new Open Acrylics by Golden Paints. I really like the way they dry much slower than traditional acrylics. I have often stayed away from using acrylic paint. It always seems to put limitations on the way I paint due to how quickly it dries. These new paints had the traditional oil painter in mind with longer working time. I'd say they pretty much nailed it. There are significant differences, but with a little working time I grew to like them and plan on using them on some upcoming live painting sessions where oils cannot be used effectively.

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