Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Live Painting in Athens on Oct 16

I will be live painting along with Kris D, David Hale and Keegan Keel at the Beats Antique Show at New Earth Music Hall on Saturday night in Athens.  This is a show for all people who want to dance. Fans of electronic music and organic instruments will be blown away. Beautiful and seductive lead lady Zoe Jakes will steal your heart and the show too. From Burning Man to Bonnaroo, they are the real deal. Do not, I repeat, do not miss this one. Lynx and Abandon the Earth Mission open.

Beats Antique are an experimental world fusion and electronic music group, formed in San FranciscoCalifornia in 2007 when Zoe Jakes approached her manager, Miles Copeland (brother of drummer Stewart Copeland of The Police) about creating an album. Copeland green lit the project, and their debut album Tribal Derivations was conceived on Copeland’s CIA record label. Tribal Derivations was a concept album, created to complement the dance styles of producer/arranger Zoe Jakes, whose belly dancing is described as an innovative blend of traditional belly dance with tangobreak dance, and Indian dance. The group’s second album, Collide, reached the top 10 of most downloaded artists under the Middle East and World Dance and the top 20 most downloaded electronic albums on Amazon. For their third album, Contraption Vol. 1, Beats Antique brings in collaborators such as hammered dulcimer player Jamie Janover, and beat boxer and hip hop vocalist LYNX. The group’s members, David Satori, Tommy Cappel, and Zoe Jakes use their varied experiences with world music genres to draw inspiration for their music with Beats Antique.

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