Sunday, October 31, 2010

Umphrey's McGee Halloween 3D

My latest Lenticular 3D poster for UM. Since working with lenticular printing I've always wanted to do a Haunted Mansion themed piece. I loved that place as a kid when visiting Disney World. I especially liked the pictures that changed as you went past them. 

This poster is 12x18 printed using a 100lpi lenticular screen. It's sharp, vibrant and very clean.  I did some experimenting and was able to animate the face changing into a skull and the candle flame flickering, as well as, make the piece very 3D.  Very happy with this one. Get them at the show in ST Louis, the UM merch store at Music Today and a little later at the Drowning Creek web store.

** the poster does not have the white edge ghosting in the actual printed piece. This occurs when we set up the animated gif for the web.

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