Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Athens Burning Kickstarter

Just bought my copy... please help rebuild the Georgia Theatre. Here's a letter from the folks at SphereVibe Films who have filmed a documentary called 'Athens Burning". Donate if you can.

Hello friends of the Georgia Theatre and SphereVibe Films, we hope this
message finds you all warm and well.

As many of you know, the team at SphereVibe Films has been working
diligently for the past couple year(s) on their project, "Athens Burning," a
documentary about the Georgia Theatre, its rich history, the artists and
Athens music scene, which flourished there, the devastation of the fire
and current rebuilding efforts.  This project is the official documentary,
endorsed by and raising money for the rebuilding of the Georgia Theatre,
and has been covered enthusiastically by CNN.com, The Atlanta Journal
Constitution, and other media.

So far, the production of the entire film has been funded independently.
We are now down to our last leg of post-production. We are asking now for
your help with our final step-- the theatrical release. The film will run
in both Beechwood Cinemas and Ciné. As a stipulation, the distributor has
required that we raise and spend $3,500.00 on the marketing and promotion
of the film.

As a recipient of this email, we believe you have a vested interested in
the well being of the Georgia Theatre, or film making in Athens.

Below is the link to the Athens Burning trailer and its Kickstarter page,
a website that helps people raise money to fund their creative projects.
You may donate anywhere from $10-$1,000 and each level has a different
incentive involved for your generosity. We thank you in advance for your
support, and will welcome social media plugs and links to this page along
with any monetary donations.

The team at SphereVibe Films

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