Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Widespread Panic Print Release

The store is now live with the Widespread Panic Artist Edition releases . The first is the print for the Alpharetta, Ga show featuring art titled Indian Summer and the second being the NYE Charlotte show featuring the Blue Indian art.

The Blue Indian NYE print is the second in a trilogy of Native portrait prints. The first being the Red Rocks Universal Shaman print. The third and final installment will be released at Panic en la Playa. I'm extremely proud of this set of prints. They will make a great set to have hanging on your wall. I wanted to do something really special for the band to commemorate their 25th Anniversary. Since I love doing Native themed artwork it all sort of fell into place. The band was generous enough to let me run with theme and the reception by the fans has warmed my heart.

Judy and I will be attending Jam Cruise next week for a very much needed break, so all orders will start processing as soon as we get back in the shop.

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