Friday, November 28, 2008

Sadness, Enlightenment and Questioning One's Beliefs


Today has been especially trying for one who has chosen the path of peace and compassion. He chose a lifestyle and mindset he tries his best to practice each day his spirit resides in this body on this earth.

Tough has been tough. Today his beliefs will tested. Today he will question himself. Today he will struggle with his feelings of rage, anger and vengeance.

Today two people’s spirits and lives to whom he has never met or known have brought him to question and deeply ponder his core beliefs. In one manner, he has known them since he started walking this path. They are extended family. They are one with him, thus the pain he feels is as deep as the loss of any family member.

Today the true test is how the world will walk through the fire. May Naomi’s and Alan’s spirits guide those decisions. May peace and compassion triumph in this world gone mad.

Today has been tough. We lost two of the people that the world needs most at this time.

Naomi and Alan you will be in the thoughts, prayers and meditations of the world. Know that your short time on this Earth made it a better place.


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