Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hold on to People. They are Slipping Away.

Today I found out my friend, Garth Thomson, left this plane of existence far sooner than he should have. I knew his time with us was short, but still I couldn't imagine Garth not beating this illness in some way.

My heart was heavy all day. It was very hard to focus on the work at hand, to even think at times. Knowing this special person loved the art I create, I tried to focus my thoughts and carry on as best I could. It was not an easy thing to do. My mind just kept drifting back to the times we sat around, talked sharing stories of our love for music. I missed him on Jam Cruise this past year. I thought of him many times and often wondered did he know how many people on the boat was thinking of him. I miss him now even more.

My art documented memories for him. It was never about the collecting. It was about the memories. I would like to think that each day he was able to look at those posters they helped him remember the good times. I hope they put a smile on his face and in his heart as he bravely fought his illness.

Brother, I’m so very happy our paths crossed. My life has been richer because of it. I’m glad and honored to call you “friend”. I’m going to miss you.

Why do the good ones leave us so soon?

Namaste’ Garth. You were a very special soul. You will be in my thoughts and meditations.

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